I was one who made the first move. It was Mother’s Day in May of 2010 when I initiated contact with Jason on JDate. I think I made some clever comment about “The Jewish mother’s ideal Mother’s Day celebration, sitting side-by-side with her son, perusing JDate for the girl she would like to bare her grandchildren…” Whatever I said, it worked.

We messaged each other back and forth for the next few days, and then spoke on the phone for a couple weeks before we had our first date. To be perfectly honest, I had no great expectations going into our first date as I had experienced many previous dating disasters. Jason, however, had been so honest and forthcoming from our first conversation; he made me feel like, if nothing else, it couldn’t be as bad as some of my other dates!

We met on a Sunday for a sushi dinner. Because it was a weeknight I didn’t order alcohol, which made Jason think I was uptight. When he walked me to the car, he leaned in and gave me a kiss, but it was a pretty lame kiss and I drove off questioning whether or not I would see him again (1. for being so forward, and 2. for not delivering a knee-weakening kiss when being so forward)!

However, when Jason asked me out again for that following weekend, I said yes – and thankfully so because that is when he delivered that knee-weakening kiss that eliminated my doubts and lead to all the dates that followed, and our happily ever after!

Hayley and Jason
Los Angeles, California

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