News Flash…Catchmeifyoucan was caught by Qtpiejap!

People tell us we’re such a cute couple and immediately ask us how we met. When we tell them JDate, they’re intrigued and want to listen.

I’m Peter and I’m Heather and this is our story…

Both being members of JDate back in 2004 we figured, hey what’s to lose; let’s try Internet dating (a new scene to meet Mr. /Mrs. Right).

Peter had just moved back to Florida from NYC when his roommate and close friend Jason boasted about JDate being a great venue for meeting women, especially Jewish women. So, along with persistance, after seeing Jason’s consistent dates, Peter was convinced to enter the JDate scene. Hey, Jason was a pioneer and Peter was curious.

Meanwhile, Heather was in a similar situation. Her sister Jennifer was active in the JDate scene. Seeing her sister’s flooded inbox with endless date requests, Heather figured why not? Little did both know the impact Internet dating would have on their lives!

Peter and Heather had little trouble meeting people or findings dates; it was finding that right one which was the challenge. Each wanted someone they found attractive, with a good personality, raised Jewish, similar passions, values and visions in life. Not much to ask for, right? After several dates with various JDaters®, neither was confident nor convinced this was the way and both Heather and Peter were becoming less and less active on the site.

One evening, another close friend of Peter’s became curious about JDate, as both Jason and Peter’s schedules were becoming increasingly busy with dates. Rabbi Dave thought, gee, if I can just check out the site?! Peter logged in so Rabbi Dave could view the scene of women and to see if he, himself, might be interested. Dave contacted many women with Peter’s profile just to see the types of responses he would get. Peter got several responses, but one in particular really grabbed his attention. It read something like this: “I understand you wanted to check out the site using your friend’s profile, but just pay the $30 and get your own profile.” Peter read this response and thought WOW, what spunk, now this is what I’m talking about…I like this girl!

The next night, both Heather and Peter happened to be at a local hangout with friends. At some point, each passed by each other and wondered subconsciously how they knew that person. Heather realized that was Catchmeifucan from JDate. Meanwhile, Peter and his friends recognized Qtpiejap looking interested. Before long, conversation was initiated and, well, the rest is history!

That night Heather and Peter spoke and laughed for hours, exchanged phone numbers and promised a second conversation. The next night, hearts beating fast like teenagers, both knowing they had to be up early the next day, talked on the phone almost the whole night.

A few dates later, chatting and enjoying lunch, they both realized they attended the same sleepaway camp together, even during the same years. They reminisced about camp traditions, familiar faces and even sang camp tunes in unison. Heather and Peter also learned they shared acquaintances, lived one county away and, although they really didn’t know each other, were destined to be. They are truly two peas in a pod! With both sharing a passion for traveling, they spent the next two years vacationing every moment they could.

July 4th in the Hamptons was routine for the summer and Peter took advantage. Without Heather’s knowledge, he bought a ring and had it mailed to New York. Summer as usual, a special engagement proposal…it was the perfect plan. A nice stroll through the nature preserve, scenic sunset and surprise proposal along the bay. The sun happened to set earlier than expected, and left on a dark trail with moonlight they were making eye contact… but not with each other. Surrounded by a really large deer, Peter picked up a stick and guided Heather to safety. Peter did eventually propose and Heather said YES!

Roughly a year later, they shared a beautiful wedding and an amazing honeymoon in China. Fast forwarding a few years later, Heather is now four months pregnant with twins. Yes, twin girls! Not many things are perfect in life; but JDate, along with destiny and a little luck, is. Maybe luck runs in the circle? Heather’s sister Jennifer is married to Scott (both former JDaters) and they know other people married and/or dating from JDate.

Heather and Peter’s years growing together have been second to none. With dating, engagement and marriage complete, they have two children underway. Like I mentioned in the beginning, people always ask us how we met. We tell them JDate! They’re intrigued with our story and we hope you are too!

Heather and Peter
Boca Raton, Florida

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