“When you least expect, something great might come along. Something better than you even planned for.” – Irving Feffer

Helene and Jonathan met on JDate in March of 2012 and, since meeting, have not had a reason to search again. Jonathan saw Helene’s beautiful profile, but was afraid she may not like him since he didn’t have children and she has two wonderful kids. Helene saw Jonathan’s humorous profile and her interest was piqued. She decided to take a chance and write him. So, she wrote the first email and simply said, “Hi, I think we will laugh a lot together. Hope to hear from you.”

Jonathan was raised to never let a good woman wait, so he wrote Helene back as quickly as he could. They exchanged a few more emails on JDate before sharing phone numbers. Jonathan called Helene that night and they talked for hours about anything and everything, arranging to meet at a café that, unbeknownst to them, was directly between each of their homes. They lived a mere eight miles from each other, but may not have met had it not been for JDate. Jonathan was immediately taken by Helene as she walked through the entrance of the café; Helene was pleased with the big smile on the face of her JDate selection.

They parted with a hug, grew their friendship over the following days, and fell in love within those first 30 days. Jonathan popped the question six months later and now they are excited to continue living this story-filled life – they wed in September of 2013.

The best advice Jonathan and Helene can give is to believe in yourself, set an intention for what you are looking for, and go after it. Dreams DO come true!

Thank you!

Helene and Jonathan
Austin, Texas

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