So another year has disappeared in the blink of an eye and you find yourself wondering where on earth your love life has gone wrong.  No, I can’t go back and place someone special into your life, but what better way to make yourself feel better than by having a good laugh at the expense of others.  So the next time you feel down on your luck, just think to yourself, “At least I’m not….

Tiger Woods: Tiger Woods managed to go from being in a relationship with a beautiful woman to self-destruction by sleeping with every possible female across the U.S.  So, repeat after me: “At least I’m not Tiger Woods.”

Jesse James: Jesse James had America’s Sweetheart and decided to cheat and opt for women that support dictators whom we sure do not want to mention on JDate.  So, repeat after me: “At least I’m not Jesse James.”

Charlie Sheen: Charlie Sheen has a hit sitcom, millions of dollars and can’t seem to keep himself from self-destructing month after month with professional “escorts.”  So, repeat after me: “At least I’m not Charlie Sheen.”

I could go on forever but you get the idea.  Our love life may not be complete.  But you are off to a great start by being on an outstanding online dating site. Remember, things could always be worse!

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