How to Create a Female-Friendly Bachelor Pad

Written by someone who has “been there.”

So, you are a single dude in need of a mini-palace that screams “babe lair!” Perhaps you already have a pad that needs to be converted from a man cave into a presentable apartment. Well, here are 5 elements you can expect women to scrutinize when considering any romantic involvement.

kitchen dirty mess washing-up
Shoot for the opposite of this!

 1. Location!

Not so much!

If you live in a questionable area with rundown buildings and unsavory characters on every corner, it won’t matter how vast and modern your swanky loft looks. The location must be accessible and safe. The last thing you want is for your date to worry the entire evening over how she is going to make it home from your hellhole of a neighborhood. If you are in the market, look for rental sites that offer a “ratings” section and reviews. A good one is


2. A Little Culture Won’t Kill You

Ceiling painting Giotto's bell tower. Florence
Art = smart!

What is on display in your apartment says a lot about you. If you are a single guy in his mid-thirties or younger, there is a good chance you dabble in the “sport” of video gaming. If your Xbox consumes your free time, do not expect to be thought of as a sophisticate. Leave your tech toys in the closet or put them in storage. Instead, find some interesting books to put out. Hang an intriguing painting or map. Also, try neatly displaying any old CDs or vintage albums you own. Books, art and music are great conversation starters.

3. Get Cookin’

CRTV-460-thumb-LFA man who can play chef at home is a desirable quality. If you have an apartment with a stove and a range, then you are just about good to go. Find out if your date has any food allergies and plan a menu you can afford and handle. Do not go for the overly complicated soufflé or seared foie gras unless you really know what you are doing. If you really stink at the culinary arts, perhaps cheat a little by getting prepared meals from Whole Foods or Make sure there is enough space for a table. Put a cloth over it and light some candles. Do not forget the vino.

4. Lighting. Sound. Smell. Temperature.

An old boss of mine once said that people notice these four things immediately when they walk into a room. First off, you do not want your female friend to feel as if she is walking into a bright-as-hell interrogation room. Nor should she feel like you are trying to save on the electric bill. To counteract the built-in lighting, use a nice lamp or two to soften the space or brighten it up. Cross ventilate the place before a guest arrives by opening a few windows and cracking the front door. Any air freshener or spray should work fine, but for heaven’s sake, use it sparingly. Finally, unless you are sure she is a heavy metal fan or loves elevator music, try putting on something in-between like blues, jazz, or classic rock.

5. Use Space Wisely

Modern kitchen with sitting and dining area
Small, yet roomy.

Finally, use your space wisely – this may be the least understood concept by most of us dudes. One does not need a huge one-bedroom in order to provide a comfortable environment. Ask for advice from someone with taste – maybe your sister or a friend – on what you can do to make your domain the beneficiary of some decent feng shui. I have seen units with low ceilings that feel like spacious lofts and studios that exude a cozy, bright feel. Truth be told, if you happen to be courting a real winner that digs your vibe, she may take on the task of helping you with this herself. Be wary, though. That could be a sign your bachelor days are dying a slow death.

From New York City to San Francisco to Las Vegas, Josh has been everywhere and done it all. For almost 15 years Josh worked as an actor, director, producer and writer throughout Manhattan. Most notably, he co-created and starred in the Fuse series “The P.A.” Since his migration to the West Coast’s Bay Area in 2012, Josh has completed his first documentary “Bernadette.” Now he finds himself writing up a storm as a journalist and content writer in “Sin City,” where he resides with beautiful wife Cheri and legendary dog, Major Deegan.

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