There’s a lot of ways you can impress a woman, but today I want to focus on what does NOT impress her. I have found that a lot of men are clueless when it comes to the concept of attraction. They think certain things will make their date like them better. If you think that might include you (and it might!), here’s a quick list of four things most men think impress women… but actually don’t!

1) Money

Money does not “impress” a woman. Success does. Any woman who is impressed by your money is usually in the relationship because you have money, which means she’s not impressed by you. Flaunting money around will only attract the gold diggers — and I’ve noticed those types of relationships don’t last very long. Keep the cash in your wallet.

2) Arrogance

Don’t show off. Your  mother taught you better. The second you start one-upping her on your accomplishments, she gets turned off. It’s okay to talk about some of the great things you’ve done, but spread it out over many dates and be sure to ask about her accomplishments as well!

3) Name dropping

There’s a time and a place for this, and it’s definitely not in the beginning of the courting process. If it happens to come up that Vince Vaughn is her favorite actor and your cousin’s friend’s old babysitter used to date him, then fine. But, if it’s not relevant to the conversation, don’t think about bringing it up out of nowhere.

4) Trying too hard

Chivalry is one thing, but “people pleasing” is another. If you’re trying too hard to impress her by agreeing with everything she says, you’ll appear weak. Now don’t get me wrong: always pay for the first date, open her door into the restaurant, and be a gentleman. But, don’t go overboard or it will be a little much.

Now that you’ve learned how NOT to impress a woman, it’s time to learn what does work when it comes to impressing your date! For more tips on this, check out my video on How to Impress A Girl.

  1. Hi Tripp,

    I enjoyed your thought! I wanted to introduce myself. I’m a clinical psychologist with a private practice in New York City. I often get referrals from dating coaches for clients who need a little extra help in their romantic and personal lives. Would like to get better acquainted, and see if I could be of help to your clientele.


    Mitchell Flaum, PhD

  2. Umm…success = money, right? Yes, you’re right, women love successful custodial technicians. What a bunch of nonsense.

  3. “always pay for the first date” i like to know WHY?
    women demand equality, it should be equal.
    enough with the double standard.

  4. Jeez!!
    I can’t believe how stupid I’ve been not to know how sagacious your pearls of wisdom tips are. For Chrissake, find something more useful to say instead of that bug-eye junior school, wasting-my-time stuff. One credit though: At least you didn’t try to charge for your advice.

  5. Magic words

    of course
    tell me more about that
    tell me about your kids
    tell me about you grandkids
    where did you grow up?
    where did you go to school

  6. This article offers simple, lighthearted advice.
    Some you might consider common sense,
    Some you may not exactly agree with,
    Some you might take a moment to reflect on.

    None is blatantly wrong, stupid, valueless, offensive or in any way deserving of the nasty comments from Green Lantern and Jon Wexler.

    I especially call you out Jon—Your comments are sarcastic and rude. Totally unnecessary.
    Is that how your Mother raised you? Really?

    If you really feel compelled to belittle and ridicule well-meaning strangers, perhaps you should ask for Dr. Flaum’s contact details.

  7. I agree with DENNY above who wrote:

    “always pay for the first date” i like to know WHY?
    women demand equality, it should be equal.
    enough with the double standard.

    There are more women in college than men these days! Even the new med school that opened here in Boca Raton has more women than men in the inaugural class. Now, Ihappen to be “old school,” and, of course, always pay for the first date, even if my date offers to help.

    I admit the glass ceiling has not been completely broken yet, but I say the old dating rules (i.e., the guy always pays) need to change. In fact, I think this is one reason a number of high-income women in NYC have trouble finding guys.

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