Dear Tamar,

I’ve lived in Melbourne for a year now, and I don’t know what is with the Jewish girls here. I’ve sent emails to dozens of different women, and they even don’t expend an effort to answer something back. I have lost my motivation to correspond with any one of them. I feel they have no respect to Israelis. Maybe they think I want their help with residency? It’s total nonsense. What is your suggestion?
Yours Sincerely.


Dear I Don’t Get Messages Back,

Being the daughter and wife of Israelis, I understand the communication issue. This is what I recommend: make sure your JDate profile is solid. Get great photos (6 is a good amount) and have a native English-speaker edit your paragraphs. And be honest — state that English is not your first language. Also, have that friend help you form your initial emails, but once you get a response, try not to spend too much time online — meet the girl as soon as possible. The charm of Israelis comes across better in person. And try not to be so presumptuous about why a woman doesn’t respond to your emails. In fact, address it in a nice way in your profile — state why you moved to Australia and what you do there, just don’t mention residency, it’s nobody’s business. And of course, make sure your emails aren’t carbon copies, that is always obvious! Good luck, I hope this helps you get more responses!

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