Dan was very secretive and evasive for over four months while planning the big day. With full knowledge of Jill’s childhood dream proposal, he spent weeks in preparation, suffering through argument after argument with his darling as he continued pretending to be afraid of commitment. Subterfuge was key.

Finally, after a wonderful weekend on the beach in Charleston, South Carolina, we went to Turner Field to watch the Braves play Jill’s beloved Phillies. After a nerve-racking rain delay, at the end of the 4th inning, he grabbed her arm and pointed to the scoreboard, where appeared a message from one pet name to another, asking her to marry him. Before she knew what was going on, Dan was down on both knees in the aisle, very frazzled and nervous, holding a box with a ring. The Braves Tomahawk Girls arrived with a bouquet of flowers (with a little card reading “I hope you said yes”) and announced to the surrounding fans that Jill had happily agreed to be Dan’s wife!

Jill and Dan
Alexandria, Virginia

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  1. such a beautiful story needs to be shared and your pix is very beautiful as well

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