Dear JDate,

cont-mt-jodi-richRich had his profile up with a photo. I had my profile up without a photo! So, in December, I contacted him with a little note, referring to something in his profile (he said he liked to shop for “killer outfits” for women!); he didn’t email me back for 3 days, at which time he sent back a friendly email asking me to call him to say hello. I did call a few hours later, and we had a light fun conversation on a Friday (he was at the dog track, I am in the casino business!). We tried to figure out when we would meet, and in the meantime, he asked me to scan a pic of myself; being embarrassed that I didn’t know how to use a scanner (and my daughter-teacher was sleeping!), I said my scanner was broken.

So we talked the next day, and with just a little reluctance, he said, “You sound very cute, and besides, anyone that would use Barbie as her JDate name has to be cute, so I’m going to take a shot, and I’m going to do this right and pick you up!” I offered to meet him, but he insisted, and it felt right to leave it at that.

He walks in my door with roses (as promised in his profile), and the vibes were good. We went to the most beautiful romantic restaurant in Miami, and he was the perfect gentleman! Afterwards, he came over, and we talked for a little. He left at 1:00 am; the next day, I received a beautiful email from him, and since that day, January 5th, we have emailed each other at least once a day…and best of all, we have grown to have this incredibly loving, passionate, fun, “the stuff dreams are made of” relationship! We believe truly that if it were not for JDate, we would not have met…

Jodi & Rich
Miami, Florida

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