Karen and Irving

Dear JDate,

Thanks to you I have “Nature Man” with whom to spend the second half of my life. It’s not easy being a woman in her late 40’s and finding yourself single after 25 years of marriage. JDate helped to not only socially introduce me to today’s dating world but to a man I would never have met since he lived across the state. EC091023-thumb_Karen_Irving_1Unbeknownst to me, the zip code I submitted in my search preferences didn’t just show me matches that were an hour away, but encompassed the entire state of Wisconsin. This distance was a little more than four hours which I didn’t discover until our first date. After corresponding with Irving (“Natureman”) for a month, I nixed the proposed ‘Crane Foundation’ meeting place since it was in the middle of nowhere; so we met at a halfway point for both of us. How could this be halfway if it took me over an hour to get there? The plan was to meet in a Madison bookstore by the Jewish book section and in case there wasn’t one, the gardening section. From there, we would have a bike ride.

It was the hottest day of the year and within minutes of starting our bike ride we were drenched. Irv had a backpack with him and asked if I wanted to stop for something to drink. Out came a chilled bottle of champagne and crystal flutes. Seven years later, the man never ceases to amaze me with his romance – lighting candles for breakfast or packing a picnic lunch to enjoy in the back meadow. I exchanged suburban life for living off the land and growing most of my own food. I should have known from the nickname I gave him right away that “Nature Man” was “The One.” All my other JDates were boys…petfoodboy, skaterboy, golferboy… thank you JDate for bringing Irving into my life.

Karen and Irving
Chaseburg, WI

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  1. Sweet! Thanks for posting your unique, romantic story, showing us love can find us, anytime & any place you are in the world and or life.
    Much joy & nachas for years to come!

  2. Mazel Tov, Karen and Irving upon finding each other. Your story is beautiful and noteworthy, as it does show that it doesn’t matter what our age is, love will prevail.
    Much nachas, joy and good health to both of you, as you continue this journey of life together, with smiles and love!

  3. wonderful! thanks for the inspiration and humor!
    best wishes, Lauren

  4. Your story brought tears to my eyes. Now if only I could meet someone like your hubby. He sounds very romantic. Mazel tov!

  5. What a lovely story! After all that has happened if you wait long enough love can be found around the corner. You guys are a perfect match as you both complement each other.As far as (nature guy) try being a younger sister and going on all the nature walks that sometimes took us miles away from home! Ofcourse we always returned home but usually with an animal that we found.Wishing you both many more years together and many more nature walks!

  6. Such a wonderful and inspiring story about two terrific people, but I must say, this couple is even cuter in person!

  7. Very sweet. Back to nature with a sweetheart, how great for a fantasy come true.

  8. This was a lovely story. It was also inspiring to see that two people “of a certain age” can find romance and adventure. It gives me pause to hope it could happen to me!

  9. what a wonderful success story of two special people meeting, and beginning a new lifw together. you are an inspiration to the single and married people across the world. i wish tou a healthy, happy life together. Mazel Tov, Hatzlacha Rabba. Gayle Gittel ( BORN IN CHICAGO, ILLINOIS)

  10. Dear Karen,

    Need to find an old message this morning, and one of your emails has caught my eyes at the moment, so my search ends up here with your story. I am very very happy for you.
    I am the same as before and will be staying in Milwaukee forever:-)).

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