Dear JDate,

cont-mt-mark-kim-01“Why can’t I meet someone?” That’s the million-dollar question that I thought I would never find the answer to. I was 28 years old and still had not met Mrs. Right. So, I figured I had nothing to lose when my co-worker told me about JDate.

In my first year on JDate, I went on what seemed like a thousand first dates. Some of them even turned into a “second date.” Was I being too picky? I didn’t think so. Growing up I had always felt that when I met Mrs. Right it would be out of a TV movie or fairy tale. Well, the fairy tale began for me on March 9th, 2001. That was when Kimberly emailed me.

After reading through her email and profile, I decided to email her back. What was it that made me email her? To this day she claims that it was because she wrote about sports in her profile. To me that was only one of a number of things which I felt made us compatible.

We emailed a few times and eventually arranged to meet for a first date. While our first date was a lot of fun, it was definitely not out of a fairy tale. While that may have stopped me from asking other women out again, something seemed different about Kimberly. Something about her convinced me that I needed to give her a chance.

And I’m glad I did because with each date, our relationship became more like that fairy tale. Our fairy tale story, however, is not filled with typical things such as romantic walks on the beach, bottles of wine and candlelight dinners. It’s filled with things like Chips Ahoy cookies, a playground slide, and the 2002 Winter Olympics.

cont-mt-mark-kim-02In February 2002, Kim’s company sent her to Salt Lake City to run their company’s PR area at the Olympics. With Kim out of town, I was able to construct my proposal chapter. I went out with a black and white camera and took pictures of our first few dates, the first flowers I gave to her, trips we had gone on and the place where we had our first kiss. The pictures were carefully arranged and put into a large picture frame. I wrapped the picture frame and took it with me when I went out to visit Kimberly halfway through the Olympic Games.

On the second morning that I was there, I asked Kimberly to open her “present.” After taking the layers and layers of wrapping off, she slowly looked at each picture. It was obvious that she had no idea what this present was for. In the next few minutes, it would become very obvious. As I walked over to where Kim was sitting, I asked her if she liked the fairy tale we had created. I then got down on one knee and asked her if she was ready for the next chapter. I asked Kimberly to marry me.

On November 17th, 2002, Kim and I were married in Fairfax, Virginia. Thank you JDate for helping me find the princess in my fairy tale.

Mark & Kim
Fairfax, Virginia

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