You’re on JDate and see the profile of someone who is beyond perfect for you. Everything about the person is exactly what you’re looking for: the look, the sense of humor, the education and judaism level, the preferences for a mate. So you send every signal and even write an email but never hear back. The next time you look at the profile you notice the person hasn’t logged-in for more than 60 days and although the profile is still active, the person isn’t.

Your friend is in an amazing new relationship and then suddenly you see the person on JDate! WTF? You call your friend about to cause a dramatic end to what could be THE relationship just to find out the person hasn’t logged on since they entered into a monogamous relationship, more than 60 days ago, but you neglected to check last log-in.

Many people don’t remember or don’t know how to delete their profile, mainly because most of them are waiting to delete until they actually get married, or just simply never thought about it again once they found their JDate Success Story. Obviously those people will probably not be reading this post, but you are and you can make sure you look at the last log-in before jumping to any conclusions.

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