Dear JDate,

JDate changed my life. Were it not for the site, I may never have met my beshert. Oddly enough, she turned out to be someone with whom I’d crossed paths many times in my life, but never actually met.

cont-mt-laura-billShe and I went to the same middle school and high school together. Although we didn’t know each other, we had many common friends and acquaintances.

We went to the same college, and even took the same Hebrew class, but sat on opposite sides of the room.

Her brother is married to a cousin of mine.

We were at several of the same family gatherings, but again, didn’t meet.

She used to live next door to the guy who is now married to my sister. In fact, they were still living next door at the time my sister and future brother-in-law started dating.

We only started discovering these connections after several marathon phone conversations. Then came our first real date. Date number two was the next day. Four months later, we were engaged. We married in October.

Oh yes, and I made another rather remarkable JDate discovery. In trying to reconnect with my childhood best friend, with whom I’d lost touch, I discovered that his company books the JDate cruises. We’ve since been able to re-establish contact.

Bill & Laura
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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