I met my now wife Lauren on JDate back in October of 2008. Originally I had been on JDate for a couple of years and had met a couple of girls, but nothing had seemed to work out. I decided to give it another shot, so while searching through profiles I came across this beautiful girl. I had flirted with Lauren since she wasn’t far from where I lived. There was just something about her profile and her smile that caught my eye like nobody else’s did.

After going back and forth with emails, we had decided to meet on Friday October 17, 2008, but I had gotten into a car accident and unfortunately, did not make our first meeting. She was very understanding and made sure that I was okay.

Within 10 days I was in a new car and called her to meet up. We met at T.G.I. Friday’s® and I knew in my mind when I first met her that she was the one. There was no doubt in my mind, but I played it cool for a couple of meetings. Suffice it to say that we got engaged January 2, 2011 and were married July 2, 2011 since we both did not want a long engagement.

We recently just came back from our honeymoon, which we had to postpone since she was working over the summer. I know from the experience we had over our honeymoon that I made the definite right choice. Hurricane Irene had canceled all flights on the day we were supposed to come home. After calming down, I took control and made sure we got home, even though the way we ended up getting home was crazy. I found us a flight from Aruba to Panama City, Panama where we had a five hour layover and then we flew to Orlando, Florida. From there, we rented a car and started the 17.5 hour journey up the east coast towards New Jersey. Lauren was a little worried about doing what we did, but in the end it was the right choice to get home and an adventure that we will never forget.

This I believe was the true start to our marriage. I think we both can thank JDate for getting us together because I lived in Hopatcong, New Jersey and Lauren lived in Manalapan, New Jersey. Without JDate, we would have never found each other. She truly is my better half and vice versa.

Thank You JDate,

Lauren and Scott
Manalapan, New Jersey

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