A friend of mine was dumped two days before flying home with her boyfriend to meet her parents during the holidays. He cancelled his ticket of course, but she went home and tried to enjoy the holidays even though she was heartbroken and in shock. So not only did he crush her, but he was now going to ruin her vacation because she was going to spend all the time crying and moping and grieving. She needs to process the break-up, but she also should try to find a way to enjoy herself because it’s not often she flies home to be with her family. Use the holidays as an opportunity to start anew: Hanukkah is the holiday celebrating the miracle of light — find the items that bring you light and concentrate on them — and New Year’s is the perfect time for her to symbolically leave the drama of 2012 behind and move forward. Does it suck to be dumped right before the holidays? Absolutely. Does it suck to be alone during the holidays? Sure. But at the end of the day I bet you would rather be single then be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you. Be thankful that your ex didn’t  spend the holidays with you and create new memories and possibly have you falling deeper in love just to dump you right after.

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  1. Obviously he wasn’t deeply interested/attracted enough to stay with her for the long term.

    Isn’t it much better he figured that out before they spent another 6 months or 6 years together?

    She had a few days or a couple weeks of heartbreak instead of having a divorce or broken home situation leading to decades of problems…

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