Dear JDate,

cont-mt-lisa-coreyI had moved to Texas and hadn’t had much luck with JDate, so I gave up. I then dated a lot over the next few weeks, but after meeting no one special, I decided to check out JDate again to see if there was anyone new in the area.

Corey had looked at my profile but did not contact me. I thought he was cute, so I sent him a Tease. He immediately emailed me back and asked if I would like to go to dinner that week. I thought that was so refreshing (most guys like to chat or email for a while before taking a chance and asking someone to dinner). I, of course, said yes. We spoke the next night to make plans, and I asked Corey why he didn’t email me after looking at my profile. He said (and he’ll kill me for saying so) that my profile intimidated him. Thankfully, I made the initial contact.

That Thursday night, we had our first date. When I set eyes on Corey, I just knew he was the one (I know how cliché that sounds). Corey later said he knew the same. Dinner was amazing, the conversation flowed; it felt romantic, yet comfortable. There was immediate attraction, and we simply had a blast. Later that night, both of us removed our profiles from JDate. It was fate. For the record, this was Corey’s very FIRST internet date and, well, let’s just say that I have had my share.

We have seen each other every day since that first night and have fallen madly and happily in love. Corey proposed, and we were married in Hawaii on July 3, 2005! Thank you, JDate, for bringing us together!

Lisa & Corey
Addison, Texas

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