August 19, 2009 changed my life as I once knew it, thanks to Joey.  Joey met me outside of my apartment on our first date.  At first glance, I was instantly attracted.  We walked over to a quaint local Italian restaurant: Great food, ambiance, incredible conversation, along with some serious chemistry.

We had so much to say to each other and felt so comfortable; it was just natural being with him. We decided to go on a walk afterwards, and since I lived in that neighborhood, I bumped into five friends along the way (not so typical on a first date). The rest was history. I was a very active JDater and Joey was actually a one timer. I was his first and only JDate! I always bug him about how lucky he was, that he only had to go on one JDate, when my story was, shall we say…quite different.

Joey asked me to marry him in April 2010 and we got married on October 3, 2010. JDate has changed both of our lives and blessed us with each other.

Lisa and Joey
Toronto, Ontario

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