Dear JDate,

Your service changed our lives!

On March 8, 2009, Brian sent Lori a message via JDate Instant Messenger that read, “You have a beautiful smile.” Lori was confused, because she didn’t even know she was online! But, because her Sunday television shows were not on that night and because his cheesy pick up line struck a chord with her, she spent a few hours chatting with Brian about college sports, Chicago and everything else in between.Lori+&+Brian+3

Brian and Lori hit it off instantly and decided to meet for dinner the next night. On March 9, 2009, they went to Paninos Italian Restaurant on Chicago’s North Side and for dessert at Sweet Mandy B’s in Lincoln Park. A few days later, in between several hundred text messages, Gchats and phone calls, Lori received a beautiful display of 80 roses at work with a note that read, “Here’s to the start of something special.” (What girl doesn’t fall for that?)

So far, the start of their lives together has been amazing! From baseball games to cruising in the Caribbean, to weekend getaways to Lake Geneva, Lori and Brian have become inseparable, and it’s all thanks to JDate. In August 2009, Lori and Brian moved in together.

The unique part of Lori and Brian’s relationship was how fast everything moved, but the two realized that when you know, you really know.

Brian and Lori got engaged in December 2009 and will be married in March 2011. They are looking forward to spending their lives together. Without JDate, who knows if their paths would have ever crossed?

JDate, we are both thankful for your wonderful service that brought us together.

Thank you again!

Lori & Brian
Chicago, Illinois

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  1. A display of 80 roses at the begining of a relationship? Wow that’s truly impressing & thoughtful. You should give seminars to guys here in the Holyland, how to be a gentelman. Mazal Tov to you & to the lovely bride!

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