Things may have gone well at first, they always do. But after going on several dates with a person, you may start to feel as though there’s no future with them and the annoying voice in your gut is telling you that your feelings no longer exist. That’s okay, and normal. It’s important, however, to let them know. Dragging it out only makes the situation worse and it puts them in the unfair position.

  • Do: Craft something honest and appropriate to say to the person. Try to muster up the guts to tell them in person that you don’t think this is going to work out. If in person does not work out, a phone is warranted. Avoid texting or just plainly saying nothing at all to them.
  • Don’t: Start to ignore them. This person invested their time in you as well. After going on a handful of dates with a person, they’re no longer just a stranger to you. You’ve gotten to know them through their personality traits and intimate personal stories. It’s only appropriate and respectful to break things off with them the right way. Ignoring their texts and acting cold to them is not right and overall just plain immature. Put yourself in their shoes, will you?
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