Mallory and Jason on their wedding day.Jason and I got married on March 29, 2015 after meeting on JDate two years before. We both joined JDate to get back into the dating world after ending unhealthy relationships. The last thing we expected was to find the love of our lives.

Jason and I were initially worried about dating again, but we both decided to try to meet new friends in a city in Colorado that did not have many Jewish folks. Jason was the first person to reach out, and he sent me his picture. Few people will believe me when I say this, but when I saw his picture for the first time, I became breathless. This had never happened before!  First we emailed, then we talked on the phone, then we had our first date. Soon we were inseparable.

The blue picture included is from our first trip together to Chicago. We are in front of the Chagall Windows at the Art Institute of Chicago. We both love travel, and it was in Azerbaijan on the Caspian Sea where he asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes!

Merging our families has been interesting. I’m 46-years-old and have a new 5-year-old stepdaughter. My own daughter is 19, so I had to retrain myself for a new little girl in the house. The two girls love each other desperately, and we were very lucky to have the new family get along with one another so well. My two stepsons (17 and 20) are having more of an adjustment period, but that’s okay, too. It takes time to rebuild a family.

Mallory and Jason
Parker, CO

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