Mari and I met on an unseasonably warm October day. We had emailed a few times on JDate; thankfully Mari wasn’t too freaked out when I messaged her only moments after she joined.

We exchanged witty pleasantries for a few days and finally made a date to meet at a local reservoir. I, unfortunately, went to a different reservoir, so I ended up being half an hour late. Despite strike one, Mari was able to look past my geographic ineptitude and we had a fantastic first date. Not exactly playing it cool, I asked her out on a second date before the first date was even over. I was pretty excited because I had tickets to a cool Bluegrass band, of which Mari of course knew the lead singer.

Neither of us played our cards close to our chests, and before we knew it, we were talking about a future together. Just over a year after our first date, I proposed to Mari at the same reservoir where we first met, but this time, I got it right.

Mari and Rich
Boston, Massachusetts

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  1. What a beautiful story and what a gorgeous couple you two make. Clearly, you are each others’ swans and will have many happy years together. Mazel tove!

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