The groundbreaking TV show Married at First Sight (airing on the newly rebranded fyi, network) brings together professionals and experts who set up three couples to get married the first time they see each other. It’s a social experiment to see if testing for compatibility does a better job at matchmaking than we do for ourselves. There’s definitely something to this, as research from Brandeis University shows that arranged marriages have more success than those that begin based on lust.

This is why you need to see past the profile photos on JDate and actually read the profiles to determine if there’s a possibility of a match before moving on.

Trust the process.

  1. I think Jamie has issues…Doug is a great guy who can do better than her..leave her alone….

  2. Omg I want to punch ryan in the face, SHUT THE F**k UP!!! Rewind the tapes and watch them ryan U psychotic idiot..I’m so sick of him blaming Jess…how can the show not step in and show him what an idiot he is? He lies so much.

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