All soldiers must be brave, but some go above and beyond their duty and give their lives so that others my live. In honor of Memorial Day, Jewish Treats introduces two brave young American Jews who, because of their courageous acts, were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. 

Isadore Jachman was 22 years old when he demonstrated his outstanding bravery at the village of Flamierge, Belgium. Born in Berlin, but raised from the age of 2 in Baltimore, Maryland, Jachman was a Staff Sergeant in the 513th Parachute Infantry Regiment. When his unit was trapped by the enemy, Jachman ran into the open area, grabbed a bazooka from a fallen comrade and managed to drive off two enemy tanks (actually damaging one of them). Sadly, the wounds he received were fatal, and he passed away that same day, January 4, 1945.

In addition to receiving, posthumously, the Congressional Medal of Honor, Jachman’s courage was acknowledged with a statue in the village of Flamierge. 

Raymond Zussman was born and raised in Michigan. Following his basic training in 1941, he was sent to Armored Officers School and then served as a tank instructor, before being deployed to Europe.

The battle for which Second Lieutenant Zussman was issued a Congressional Medal of Honor took place on September 12, 1944 at Noroy le Bourg, France. When his lead tank was stopped, Second Lieutenant Zussman, armed with only a carbine rifle, led his one remaining tank and accompanying infantry on foot. Scouting ahead on foot and under constant fire, Second Lieutenant Zussman led his men to destroy a road block and defeat several enemy-held houses from which machine guns were being fired.  When the battle was finally over, 18 enemy soldiers had been killed and 92 had been captured. 

Second Lieutenant Zussman received no fatal wounds while leading this heroic charge. Sadly, however, he died 9 days later from wounds he received when a mortar exploded next to him while he was resting after battle.

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