Michelle and Adam

Dear JDate,

Oh JDate, how I love you…and yet, now I have a new problem! You masterfully brought me together with my Michelle, the woman of my dreams. She found me, I found her (she gets the credit, which I am reminded of on more than one occasion) and while I know your great success has brought you many stories, here’s what makes ours so special (even my mom would agree!):

About 31 years ago, a little girl was born in Melbourne, Australia. She hadn’t a clue what the Internet was (actually if she did, she could have invented it, and we would be filthy rich…sorry Mr. Gates and Mr. Gore). Right around that same time, a little boy in Chicago named Adam was celebrating his first birthday (actually one year, and 11 days, but who’s counting?). Adam grew up with his little United States experiences, while Michelle spent her time perfecting an accent that Americans would later find oh-so-charming (no, she never wrestled a crocodile, and she doesn’t shout ‘crikey!’).

By the time they reached their early 30’s, so much of life had transpired. Adam, very active in Jewish music and temple life in Chicago, had been approached by every bubbe with the million dollar question, “Are you single?” which led to “I have this gorgeous granddaughter/niece/neighbor girl/daughter/ cousin/dog walker (How old are you, by the way?)/.” Despite these lovely inquiries, he found himself alone in Chicago, and quickly making rank as a veteran of the JDate community. He had crafted a heartfelt profile, with thoroughly thought out essays and some nifty pictures to boot. Yet, on the site for eight years, he was still without his beshert.success-michelle-adam-01


Hailing from Melbourne, and with an adventurous spirit, Michelle set sail to Chicago to work on a US-based project (she actually flew, because sailing takes really long, and this isn’t 1920). Knowing that this project would be 12-plus months, her brother (who from here on out will now be referred to as “The Genius”) suggested that she give JDate “a go” (that’s Australian for “a try”). She wasn’t looking for a long-term thing. After all, she really loves her friends and family back in Oz (No, not that Oz…That’s what Australians call Australia…sort of like Americans calling…well, we don’t do that silly kind of stuff, but they do!). Anyway, I digress. Where was I?  Right! She wasn’t looking for a long-term thing, so in hopes of maybe just meeting someone interesting she wrote a completely enchanting profile, and by enchanting, I mean the most generic, plain, vague profile possible. With this masterpiece crafted, she set out to find her man, and sent an email or two to several guys, including our dear Adam.

Adam never claimed to be a very bright guy, and that would help explain why he failed to respond to Michelle’s email. In truth, Adam was licking some wounds from a recently-ended relationship, but he did think to himself, “Wow, Australia…I’ve got some reach!”

Fast forward five months, and we find Michelle, canceling her JDate membership after little success.  However, as the window of opportunity closed on the possibility of their relationship (how very high-school-poetry-like prose!), Michelle decided to give that guy Adam one last shot. She sent him another message…and this time…ok, yes, he did respond. He wrote back asking, “What’s the one thing you would want someone to know about you?” Michelle gave the perfect answer.  She said, “I would want them to know that I’m loveable. In all honesty, I’ve read what you said you were looking for in a partner, and I know that to be me.” Call him crazy….but Adam thought this the perfect answer, and believed her.

success-michelle-adam-02They met over drinks later that week. They fell in love, and now they sit, 15 months later, engaged. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I skipped over the good stuff of their courtship. Like, Michelle coming over to the parents’ house to meet the entire family (20-plus people!) for Pesach three weeks into their relationship (she’s very brave). I’m skipping over Adam going to Australia to meet Michelle’s family (including “The genius”). I’m even skipping over the part where Michelle went back to Oz on her own, to renew a visa, and Adam secretly flew over to first ask her father’s permission to propose, and then, later that evening, surprised Michelle by appearing on her doorstep. By the end of that night, they were engaged – and a day later, Adam flew back to the U.S. to lead Friday night services. Ah, what we do for love.

Adam and Michelle both truly love their families, and Michelle has been gorgeous in choosing to make a life in Chicago, despite the longing it creates for her homeland, and for her peeps. They have chosen to hold their wedding in Chicago, in May of 2010. They truly believe their story illustrates JDate’s power. JDate was able to bring together two people from the (almost literally, but I would need a compass and a slide-rule to verify) opposite ends of the Earth.

I, Adam, would really like you to know that I couldn’t be more grateful for you bringing Michelle into my life. She really is the woman of my dreams. As I crafted an essay of what I was looking for in a partner, I really looked to spell out the beauty and confidence, and quality of person with whom I yearned to spend my life. Michelle is just that. As she said, she thought she matched my description, and she was right. There is truth in advertising!

We definitely wanted to acknowledge you for making a tremendous lifelong difference for us. You deserve nothing but praise and nachas for that.

All the best,

AdaMish (Yes, it’s a combination of our names. Sickeningly sweet, I know, but it makes us happy)

Adam and Michelle
Chicago, Illinois

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story–an inspiring, love story.

  2. What a traitor! There aren’t enough nice girls on the Jdate website in Melbourne so she has to go to USA! It’s not fair!

  3. Great Romantic Story! Thank you very much for sharing it with us.
    Best of all to you all here on Jdate!

  4. Maybe I should change my name to Adam. It’s not just this story and another comment on this story who has an Adam as a husband, but it is a very common name on many JDate success stories. I just need someone to be my Eve when I change my number to Adam!

  5. Hi Adam and Michelle,

    I was so happy to read your story. Adam, we went on one date several years ago. So great seeing that you finally found her! And what a beautiful story… Wanted to congratulate you and wish you both the best!! If you’re scratching your head, maybe this will help – I commuted from Indiana. Wish me luck on here! I think it’s round 3…


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