Dear JDate,

“Never, never, never give up”….Winston Churchill

cont-mt-michelle-brianIn 1999, I joined JDate when there were only 35,000 members. I could not have imagined that five years later I would meet the love of my life.

After several rounds of JDate, joining and then canceling and then rejoining, as well as numerous (and I stress numerous) first dates and one other brief relationship through JDate, I was at home in Vancouver one afternoon in December 2003 and decided to see who was new in my JDate neighborhood. I had only been back on JDate for about six weeks when I noticed Brian’s photo and profile, so I decided to log in. To my amazement, he had “hot listed” me and written me a note that had been sitting there for three days. My email notification was not on, so I wouldn’t have known that he had contacted me unless I logged in. I thanked him for his note, and he wrote back almost immediately. We emailed each other for only a week — I felt that “the proof is always in the pudding” and that I’d really prefer to meet. I had been through the emailing ritual so many times that I did not see the point in writing any further.

Brian gave me his number, and I called him on his cell phone. He recalled that we spoke for close to an hour, and he immediately asked me out for dinner that Friday night, December 12, 2003. Several hours before our first date, he called me to tell me that he was coming down with a terrible cold and wanted me to know that he was really keen to meet me; however, he would not be at his best and thought I should know. I was a little unsure as to whether he was trying to cancel; after so many disappointments, I admit that I was a bit cynical. Fortunately, we did go to dinner that night. The conversation flowed so easily. He emailed me the next day to tell me how much he enjoyed the evening and that he looked forward to seeing me again. I was going out of town on business that weekend, and true to his word, he spent the entire weekend in bed with a shocking cold.

While I was away, we corresponded, and he offered to pick me up from the airport and asked me out again for the next weekend. One of the fondest memories I have is when he invited me out on our third date for New Year’s Eve 2003. He wanted to make sure that I did not accept any other invitation for New Year’s and asked me just before leaving for a short trip to visit his family (who live in San Diego). I accepted, and we stayed in touch when he was away.

While he was there, he called me from Moonlight Beach to describe the sunset, and I wish I had kept the message. I knew that there was something special happening, and he told his family about me after only a few dates. Several months later, I went with him to San Diego and met his entire family for Passover. During ourt first year together, we had many adventures, including a trip to Australia, my country of birth, in late 2004. I am so happy that Brian got to meet my mother, who passed away six months later. We will always treasure that time.

Being together has brought us much happiness, and I had a feeling after our three-year anniversary that he was going to ask me to marry him. On our recent vacation to Mexico, we were talking about weddings, and about six weeks later, just as I was about to get on a plane and visit my family in Australia, Brian asked me to marry him. He wanted me to be able to go home and tell my father the news. I was the only JDate Brian had, and as I write you this note, I cannot describe the gratitude I have for meeting this wonderful person.

We are getting married on June 24, 2007. So, thank you, JDate.

Tips for other JDaters:
Remember the words of Winston Churchill: Never, never, never give up.

My best advice to JDate members is in my story. Never give up, be honest and take your time to really get to know the person. We can be physically attracted to many people, and that is very important, however, there is so much more … great communication, appreciation and respect.

Don’t rush through the dating experience.

Michelle & Brian
British Columbia, Canada

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