I had been intermittently using JDate since 2004, but everything changed in 2011. Robbie emailed me and indicated that my height and smile appealed to him. A friend of Robbie’s from college sent him to my profile; he thought Robbie and I would be a good match.

At that point in my dating life, I was resigned, but figured that I had nothing to lose by responding to his email. Through emails, texting, and an occasional phone call, our correspondence quickly became a first date – ten days after Robbie’s first email. Our first date was a Wednesday lunch-date for Thai food during a torrential thunderstorm, which would later become a comical theme in our life together.

The connection between us was unmistakable – we both wanted to get to know each other more, but our predetermined travel plans prevented us from dating more than once a month until January 2012.  It was in January that it became clear how much we had missed each other, and we began to date seriously.

During a long weekend in Washington, D.C. – in another torrential thunderstorm – we started talking more seriously about marriage and wedding dates. In December 2012, in front of 250 of our friends and family, we celebrated the best day of our lives, and got married. I cannot believe that it has already been one year – and I cannot wait to see what our life has in store for us.

Noreen and Robbie
Livingston, New Jersey

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