As the summer permanently fades away and fall fully sets in, we start counting the days before that unbearable winter begins, dreading each day that draws us nearer and nearer to the long cold winter.  Well, at least those of us on the East Coast do!  And while many of us will miss the warm days of summer, the weekend bbq’s, and feel good vibe that the season brings, one thing is for sure; October presents some amazing opportunities for online dating.

In fact, I would not hesitate to argue that October is the absolute best time of the year for online dating.

First off, summer can be somewhat of a difficult time for online dating.  While millions of us are signed up and ready to meet someone, many distractions will often get in the way of taking online dating as seriously as we should be.   Between vacations, weekends away, and holidays, there simply isn’t much time to focus on our dating lives.

By the time October rolls around, most of us are fully refocused, back in our routines, and mentally ready to start seriously dating again.

But perhaps the best part of October is that it comes with an enormous amount of amazing dating opportunities.   As I always stress throughout my online dating advice, the one goal that we must have with online dating if we wish to find success, especially for us guys out there, is to be interesting and original.  This is the key to separating ourselves from the competition and not appearing to be just another “boring guy” that beautiful women have been approached by millions of times.

October is just what we need to take ourselves out of that boring status, and have fun, original dates.  And ladies, this article is for you too.  When a woman suggests a fun idea, it is always a huge turn on for men.

The following are three great dating ideas for the month of October:

1. Take your date to a haunted house.  The benefits of this type of date are fantastic on so many levels.  For starters, scientific studies have shown that when people experience fear, it releases chemicals that result in higher levels of attraction between the two people sharing the experience.  Not a bad trick, huh?

Secondly, it will provide a very intimate experience between you and your date.  One of the problems that many people have on a first date is not bringing things to a romantic level and winding up in the “friend zone.”  This is often caused by not enough flirting, but more importantly, zero physical contact.  You don’t need to be kissing or doing any intense petting on a date to create an intimate connection or take yourself out of the friend zone.  But there does have to be some touching, whether that touch is a touch on the arm, holding hands, or an embrace.  By walking through a haunted house you will be touching each other in friendly ways as you share a fun time together.  This is important because by the end of the night, all that touching will lead to much higher comfort levels, and most likely, a first kiss!

Finally, a haunted house is just a plain great time!

2. Go pumpkin picking.  Pumpkin picking is a great first date idea that is completely original.  How many women do you think have been taken to something like this on a first date?  You can get to know each other, have fun, and really enjoy the nice weather.

Perhaps the greatest benefit to this date is that you are creating a great mindset for your date.  Most people have not been pumpkin picking since they were children.  By taking someone out on this type of date, you are putting her in a nostalgic mindset.  Women will subconsciously associate you with their great childhood memories and feel good after this date.

Just be sure to take your date somewhere else after to complete the date.  A friendly drink never hurts!

3. Go see a scary movie.  While I don’t recommend movies for a first date ever, this is a great second date idea.  Seeing a scary movie will have many of the same benefits discussed in the haunted house portion of this discussion.  During October you will have a wide selection of choices for scary movies.  Be sure to have fun with this, tease your date during the movie.  Try to scare your date and be flirtatious!

Dating is not easy.  Especially when it comes to creating original dates.  But if you can take your date to unique places, you will be one step ahead of the game!  October should provide you with no shortage of opportunities.

Joshua Pompey is the author of three online dating books for men, as well as running a profile writing service that comes with a “110% Guarantee”. For more information, click online dating advice or online dating tips!
  1. i can fall in love just by going for a walk with the trees around me. And especially when it is dark. Peopl fall in love with eachother in different ways.

  2. I am also not so sure cuz Holloween is a Goyish Holiday, so i am not sure that a couple that met due to celebrating a Goyish holiday would be blessed by our Elohim.
    And lastly but not least. The real secret is that sexy men know that a women wants them and they don’t have to plan tactics. Every woman is different.
    Good Luck everyone.
    Maybe you just met under a Sukkah. Sooooo romantic and so blessed by Elohim.
    Anyway, good luck everyone. I hope that you all find beautiful and healthy relationships. That you all learn more and more about the depth of love and of loving. That sounds so good. And kind-of scary. But it is Halloween and it is time to be scared. Come on boys, you can do better then that.

  3. I agree with Atara that Halloween is not a Jewish holiday. I do have candy to give to the kids in the neighborhood and I never stopped my son from going out, but why not schedule a Purim party through through JDate?

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