The more “personal” your life, the more dangerous it can feel to share your true self — and the higher the stakes are in the offering. So many people refuse to talk about what they are really thinking and feeling in our world today… they feel it’s “personal” and should be kept to themselves. But this is a life worth living, and keeping personal thoughts and feelings to yourself is not living.

On the other hand, we never stop growing and learning if we are willing to anti our own selves on a daily basis. Most people anti a want or a need, leaving them in the vicious cycle of wanting and needing more. When we play full out by risking our own selves, and sharing what we are truly about to our partner or our date, we risk being called a fool or crazy.

After reading this, you may think to yourself, “Wait, are you saying I should actually risk the loss of my relationship or a potential relationship with a date to learn about myself?  But I worked so hard to get here with this person!”  It looks strange to our culture at face value. But when we risk ourselves, we also live a life truly worth living and can actually begin to make a difference while here on Earth.

The outcome can only be painful. However, it is the kind of pain a caterpillar feels while becoming a butterfly. Oh but for the cocoon of life… pain and joy all in one. When you’re dead, you’ll miss this game. Don’t miss it now by hiding behind what you think and feel is “real,” but will only last a minute.

Yes, in one dimension it is real, no doubt about it. Yet you have the right to see your life from a grander scale. Get into the helicopter of your mind, if you will, and fly up and away. Now turn around and look back, do you see yourself down there? Can you see yourself away from your “real life” here in your feelings?

Good, now there’s just enough separation between your “Who Am I” (the conglomeration of your feelings and thoughts) and your “Higher Self” to open a larger eye. You have the right to view your small self and the path/process/game you’re in now as the “Gift” you get to expand and grow from.  It doesn’t mean you don’t feel it, it means you have the right to become aware that this “hell” you’re seemingly in (which could include feeling lonely for a mate, growing tired of the bad dates, or feeling brokenhearted about the loss of your most recent relationship) gets to also create the possibility you start to grow from. Become aware that this is just a moment in your cocoon, and it is an opportunity for growth for you.

Without your life exactly as it is, you would not have had the chance to see the smallness of the seed that you are right now. Because of this experience, you were gifted the beginning or the “Falling In Love,” the middle which comes from the learning and willingness to grow, or the “Maintaining,” and the “End” where there are too many walls and blocks to continue. Envision a maze with a dead end. You want to continue, but that means you must grow beyond the maximum of your minds ability at this point.

Welcome to the Game of Life!  The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Candace Silvers has dedicated her life to coaching and inspires her students to live beyond their limitations. Ms. Silvers has thousands of students around the world practicing life skills that make fulfillment available on a daily basis. You can check out her classes here or watch her online videos here.
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