Everything you know about a date before meeting her for the first time has only been imagined in your head. Yes, there are profile photos and shit written about people, but 1. How accurately do these represent the person most of the time? and 2. If you’re a guy, how much of this stuff do you actually read in the first place? If you’re a guy, for example, you always, always, look at all of their pics before doing anything else. This is not advice I’m giving, this is just what men do when looking at a woman’s profile. Always. If you get a random message from some guy you’ve never talked to before, and he says he likes your profile, he is talking about your photos. I promise you.

If, however, you have chatted a little, then maybe he’ll test the waters a bit and read the first few words of the first sentence that you wrote about yourself. Mathematically speaking, you must chat with a man 972 times before he actually reads your entire profile. That is just science. And math.

If you’re a woman looking at a man’s profile, you are also drawn to look at his pics first. However, you peruse the ‘lettery’ part of the profile before deciding to chat with him. This does not mean that women are smarter than men, or vice versa. It only means that men need more of an instant gratification and the woman’s brain isn’t wired to send electronic impulses to the genitalia before anything else.

I think that it would be a great idea for JDate do adopt a more progressive type of dating service. By this, I mean that all female profiles should have room for 100 photos and no written information, and all male profiles should display one photo and an Anna Karenina amount of written information. I think that this would make everyone’s lives a little easier, and help improve match efficiency. Women, are you tired of incredibly short profiles that are loaded with tons of shirtless bathroom pics? Men, are you tired of profiles with words in them? I think so.

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