Some men are charming. They can’t help it. They are born salesmen. They know how to word things, how to spin things, which facial expression to show, which tone to use, and how to get you to fall for them. Sometimes these men are selling something authentic but oftentimes it’s all crap. They think their shit don’t stink and they’re hedging their bets that you don’t find out until after you’re in too deep. There isn’t any answer to how to see through the smokescreen and not get caught in their web. But if you are doubting someone’s authenticity then keep asking questions, ensure continuity in the stories and dig for details (all without looking looney tunes). If someone is being real then he won’t mind divulging the deets, but if he’s b.s.’ing you then he will eventually stumble and become defensive about being doubted. Then he will spin the situation to make you look crazy and if he’s really good then you will actually believe him. And eventually you’ll see straight again and kick yourself for falling for the charmer… hopefully it happens before you fall too hard.

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