I don’t know where to begin. This show blows in every week and yet I’m compelled to watch it like a train wreck every week. Six single Jewish gals in their late 20’s living in Long Island and trying to figure out why they’re still living at home and not yet married. This show certainly isn’t going to help!

Alas, it’s real and there are elements here and there which every single can connect to: Whether it’s going out on a blind date where the guy flirted with other women (see Ashlee’s date with Marcos) or going out on a set-up with a guy who compliments a woman by calling her moody (see Chanel’s date with Nati) or having doubts about your feelings for your significant other (see Erica’s hesitancy with her boyfriend Rob). Sure it’s extreme and some of these women need to cut the umbilical cord (Ashlee) while others show what it’s like to be a hard worker (see Casey and Joey) and not have everything handed to you on a silver platter. While it may be honorable to live at home until you get married and to not move in with your significant other until you’re engaged, there comes a point where it’s no longer healthy, and these women do a perfect job of showing us why. Then again, if marrying “well” is your #1 priority, then there’s no reason to leave Daddy’s house.

I’ll probably revisit some lessons learned from the show again, but for now here’s a worthwhile idea: if you’re 30 years old, have never lived outside your parents’ home, and consider your parents to be your BFFs, but are desperately seeking a spouse, then jump ship and do it fast! The most attractive thing in a single is confidence — and if you can confidently move out and make it on your own, you will have even more self-respect, and therefore attract more prospects.

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