Are You Ready to Find Your Soul Mate?

Find out by taking this quiz!


1. When you picture your wedding day, the first thing that pops into your head is:

  1. The epic joy of bonding in matrimony with the one I love.
  2. Cake, booze, and a party!
  3. Increasing my assets.
  4. The last scene in The Graduate, where the girl chooses a bus ride with a guy who slept with her mother over getting married.


2. The thought of growing old with your spouse makes you feel:

  1. Warm and fuzzy. It’ll be wonderful to share the later years with a mate who knows me so well.
  2. Nervous. What if my spouse turns into a demented codger and I have to constantly apologize for their rants about the president?
  3. Grossed out. Old people are super wrinkly!
  4. Hoodwinked. If I hadn’t gotten married, I’d still be a swingin’ single!


3. When you look at your parents’ marriage, you think:

  1. I hope mine is exactly the same, right down to the matching outfits and speaking in unison.
  2. It’s wonderful they were able to find love, even if it was with the housekeeper/pool guy.
  3. I’m just happy my dad got citizenship out of the deal.
  4. Dear God, save me from that fate worse than death.


4. When you think about your honeymoon, the first thing that comes to mind is:

  1. Escaping to a paradise of wedded bliss with my one true love.
  2. Sex, booze, and a party!
  3. I’d better start applying for some more credit cards.
  4. Maybe there’ll be a hot stranger on this island . . .


5. The thought of raising kids with your spouse makes you feel:

  1. Elated. They’ll be living representations of the bond I share with my mate!
  2. Jealous. They’re the ones who are gonna get to drive flying cars and live on the moon!
  3. Nervous. What if they’re bratty . . . or worse: ugly?
  4. Angry. Those little monsters are gonna suck up all our money!


6. The thing you value most in a mate is:

  1. We binge watch How I Met Your Mother and both laugh (and cry) at the same parts.
  2. Not giving me too much grief about my snoring, except maybe that one time when birthday present was just a bunch of Breathe Right nasal strips.
  3. Separate bank accounts.
  4. Their JDate profile — keeping options open.



If you answered A to all or most of the above, then you are a precious unicorn who has beat the odds and found yourself a soul mate AND you also leave a glittering trail of hearts, flowers, and rainbows everywhere you go.If you answered B, C, or D to most or all of the above questions, then keep looking: someday your prince or princess will come, but until then, enjoy yourself and consider becoming a “pet” person. That way if nothing else pans out, you’ll always have a warm body snuggling next to you in your old age.


© 2014 Hillary Carlip, author of Find Me I’m Yours

Author Bio Find Me I’m Yours is the fifth book written by best-selling, award-winning author Hillary Carlip (À la Cart: The Secret Lives of Grocery Shoppers, Queen of the Oddballs: And Other True Stores From a Life Unaccording to Plan, Zine Scene, Girl Power: Young Women Speak Out). As a visual artist, her work has been sold in galleries and shown alongside Andy Warhol and Damien Hirst in a five-city museum exhibit. Hillary has been creating content, websites, and news in the digital space since 1999. The New York Times declared, “Ms. Carlip’s curriculum vitae reads like a CliffsNotes version of American Popular culture,” and the Chicago Tribune called Hillary, “Gloriously idiosyncratic.” Click here for more information, or follow on Facebook and Twitter!

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