Dear JDate,

cont-mt-rachel-jeffI have to admit — I was skeptical about meeting my “besheret” online. I heard about JDate from several friends that encouraged me to join, but I was never really moved to take that step. I flirted with the idea (pardon the pun) of joining in between relationships about 4 years ago, but never found the motivation to do it. Then I moved to Tucson, Arizona, where finding a young, professional Jewish woman was about as easy as finding a summer snowman. Finally, after one particularly quiet New Year’s Eve, I decided to give JDate a chance.

My first JDate definitely left something to be desired — lets just say that she is still referred to as “Anaphylactic Annie.” Undaunted by this “experience,” I went back on JDate and found a profile (including a few great pictures) of a woman that had, well, promise. After a few emails and phone calls, Rachel and I met for the first time at the Arizona Inn.

When I walked into the lounge and saw Rachel sitting there, my first reaction was excited, but guarded — she appeared normal (compared to “Annie,”) with honest, smiling eyes and beautiful auburn hair. I still have a vivid image of the first time I saw her, though trying to describe it on paper seems to somehow diminish its beauty to me. Despite being a bit weary, I definitely felt a connection. We talked for hours, much longer than I had planned when the night started, moving from the lounge to a soft couch in front of a fireplace where we could be alone. That night, I knew I had met someone special — I just did not know how special she would turn out to be. It was the first date of many for us; and two years later, I am excited to be spending the anniversary of that special evening with Rachel, all thanks to JDate.

Over the past two years, Rachel has taught me about patience, love, happiness, and tolerance; she is kind, genuine, beautiful, supportive, smart, intuitive, understanding, and has a great sense of humor. She has the warmest soul of anyone I know and lights up a room when she walks in. Our relationship is so very precious to me because of the way it has grown, developed and matured over the last two years. I know that tomorrow, I will love her more than today (though how that is possible sometimes escapes me). Someone recently asked me what I would have done if I had never met Rachel — I said that I would still be looking for her.

Exactly two years ago today, Rachel and I planted a seed. That seed, which has weathered cold winters and hot summers and everything in between, has grown into a healthy sapling with an ever-evolving system of roots. Everyday, that sapling reaches towards the sky, spreading its branches, growing stronger and wiser. A few weeks ago, I received an email that reminded me that my JDate profile was still active…which brings me to this letter.

I am excited to ask you to take down my profile because I will no longer be needing JDate’s services. You see, Rachel and I will be sharing a lifetime of anniversaries together because tonight, she agreed to marry me. From the bottom my heart, thank you for bringing her to me.

Rachel & Jeff
North Bethesda, Maryland

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