I had been on a pretty horrible string of bad dates over a seven-month period of JDating®. I was basically about to give up hope, but I decided to plan one more weekend of two dates. One of the guys, who I was supposed to meet on Saturday, February 27th, 2010, had been corresponding with me via email for a good week, so I agreed to meet him for coffee.

We realized that we lived in the same neighborhood, so on a snowy afternoon we met outside on a street corner and walked to a local coffee shop. The conversation was good, he was cute and he immediately asked if I would go out with him that following Wednesday, to which I agreed. We then went out for our first real date at a tapas bar and have essentially been glued to the hip ever since.

There is no one in the world that I can spend more time with and have more fun with, no matter what we’re doing. We like to joke that we could even have fun “in a paper bag.” We recently got engaged while hunting for sand dollars on the beach in Maine (one of our favorite activities to do together) and are planning a Fall 2013 wedding.

I consider myself the luckiest girl alive to not only be marrying my best friend, but also to not have to change my name in the process—we share the same last name! Talk about a true JDate success story!

Rachel and Nate
Brookline, Massachusetts

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  1. Hi Rachel and Nate,
    I loved your sucess story and after meeting you both in person I can tell you are meant for each other! I wish you all the best in your marriage.
    Best regards,
    Bethany from Long’s Jewelers Braintree

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