I sent Brett a corny Flirt on JDate, stating “Here’s looking at you kid.” The kid wrote back stating, “We may have a problem here, you probably love chicken parm.” Nice story of a nice Modern Orthodox boy meeting a nice Reform girl = no chicken parm at home!

Brett was in Israel finishing up medical school in Haifa at the Technion Institute. He said to me, “I’ll be back in New York in four months. If you don’t have a ring on your finger by then, we should meet.” I thought to myself, “This will never happen. Forget it. Next!” Within those four months, however, Brett started calling me from Israel and we would have two or three-hour conversations nearly each time he called. Then Brett found out he was going to be working in Miami when he came back from Israel and would only have two weeks in New York before moving.

We met on a June night at the Empire State Building and ended the night at 5am in Madison Square Park while sharing a bottle of wine. Neither of us expected the relationship to turn into anything serious. When Brett moved to Miami, however, I found myself traveling there frequently and we would make sure to see each other every time Brett returned to New York. We both continued to date other people, but found ourselves calling each other at the end of each date. Different situations presented themselves to me, showing me he was the one for me. I met Brett’s first girlfriend and another friend he used to date right when I met him. His cousin messaged me on JDate and I didn’t even realize they were related – ultimately, I decided it wasn’t a good idea to keep it in the family!

One year later, Brett got his residency in New Jersey and moved back. We decided to give the relationship a real try, exclusively. As they say, the rest is history. We were married on October 6, 2013 and will be moving to Los Angeles for Brett to finish his residency. From Israel to Miami to New Jersey and now to LA! It was an easy choice: Brett or the chicken parmesan; what was there to think about?

Rada and Brett
New York, New York

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