Dear JDate,

cont-mt-raquella-simonI wasn’t a firm believer in love or romance till I met my husband on your site, I was from Montreal, Canada, and I had trouble meeting the right guy for years. I was constantly busy teaching piano to kids and going to university for my science degree to enable me to go to medical school. I didn’t have much time for men, let alone dating them. My sister told me about about a year ago but I really didn’t believe that a machine could bring about true love! How could some system find my soul mate, and who said my soul mate even existed?

I have to admit that I was so wrong! Not only does destiny exist but so does true love!

I joined JDate about a year ago, and this past August, I was about to give up since I was having a hard time meeting someone. I went on live chat a lot, and I am quite friendly and almost all the guys on JDate knew who I was and chatted with me on a daily basis…

Then, when I couldn’t sleep one night, I went on when the Australians or the “Aussies” came on, and I started to chat with them as well. I met a couple online but nothing seemed to be happening till a man asked, ” Any aussies online?”

At first I didn’t respond, but then, when he asked about me, I said I wasn’t Australian! He proceeded to guess where I was from and didn’t stop till he guessed Canada, and he even guessed Montreal, Quebec!!!!

I asked for his number and called him in Australia on his mobile or cell phone as we call it. Then, I gave him my email and with my phone number, and we started emailing each other every single day for a three months. Simon, as I came to know his name, called me every single day for three months as well! He never missed a day even though our time difference in Canada was either 14 hrs or 16 hrs behind Australia’s.

I really didn’t think anything would come of this. So in the first two weeks of dating online, I asked him to send me a package with proof of his university degrees and who he was, etc. He sent me more than that! He sent me three packages of goodies and delicacies from Australia, stuffed koala bears, Australian t-shirts, proof that he was an engineer and a CD-rom with 101 pictures of him and Melbourne, Australia!

My parents and I both fell in love with Australia! And I fell deeply in love with Simon from “down under!”

August 18th, Simon arrived in Montreal from Australia and took a car directly to my cousin’s wedding in Toronto. I took him as a guest, and everyone in my family loved him as well! He never complains about anything. He’s so well- mannered and wonderful to be around! My only regret is that I had not met him earlier in life!

He paid my ticket to Australia, and I went with him three days later to meet his parents and family. He proposed at the Melbourne observatory three days after that, and we got married legally in Australia on November 10, 2002, and then in Montreal on February 9, 2003. We honeymooned in L.A. at Disneyland, and we’ve been honeymooning since!

I am now a temporary resident of Australia and married to the man of my dreams! I can follow piano teaching and my dream to study science in Australia!

I am adjusting to driving on the wrong side of the road and to a new “aussie” language etc. I am making new friends and learning about this beautiful country called Australia. My husband is an engineer and works in the food industry, and he travels for business all over Australia and I get to go with him!

Simon is loving, kind, strong and gorgeous! I love him with all my heart and soul!

If it were not for JDate, I would have never met Simon.

Raquella & Simon
Montreal, Canada and Melbourne, Australia

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