Steve and Rebecca grew up in Miami and even went to the same high school, granted at different times.  In high school, Rebecca was friends with Steve’s brother’s wife. Their mothers were in the same Jewish high school sorority. However, it took JDate to get them to finally meet.

Steve moved to Atlanta in 1995, and Rebecca moved to Atlanta in 2005. They both lived in the same apartment complex in Atlanta, again at different times. In December 2009, Steve joined JDate after some convincing from friends who had their own success on the site. Rebecca had been on and off JDate, but had not gone out with anyone in Atlanta from JDate.

Even though Steve’s profile listed Reform and Rebecca’s listed Orthodox, they decided to take a chance and go out for a few drinks. They were amazed to learn how many connections they had, but how it took JDate to get them together. At the time, they lived only a few miles away from each other.

Steve and Rebecca got engaged in December 2011, got married in March 2012, gave birth to their first son in May 2013, and had a second son in January 2015. Mazel tov to the happy couple!

Rebecca and Steve
Atlanta, Georgia

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