We met the day after Thanksgiving in 2004. I had been a JDate subscriber for quite a while; my subscription was about to expire and I was not going to renew it – so when I came across Ronna’s profile, I decided to contact her as I was about to give up the quest. I did not expect Ronna to respond since she was a concert pianist and I was a lawyer, but she did respond! I figured the only way I could find out whether our match would be negative or positive was to extend my JDate subscription for another month, which turned out to be the best decision I ever made.

I never dated anyone else after meeting Ronna. We were married on December 18, 2005. We have been on many wonderful and exciting trips together. We both consider ourselves very fortunate to have found each other.

At our wedding, which took place in our home in Tarzana, Calif., we asked the Cantor to sing “To Dream the Impossible Dream.”

Ronna and Louis
Tarzana, California

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