In May 2011, a week before graduating from law school, I decided to reactivate my JDate account on a whim to see who was out there. As “SmithieDragon,” I started scrolling through the many members who were online that night and received an amusing email from a very attractive guy, “JSol509.” The email was sent by Jordan, a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania, who also happened to reactivate his JDate account that very night. Upon seeing my profile, Jordan was taken by my pictures and noticed that he had many interests in common with me. After reading about my unusual undergraduate double major of Government and Italian, Jordan sent me a clever email, asking for my opinion of Italy’s scandal-ridden Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. As a fan of politics, and of Italy, I was amused by Jordan’s first email to me. After exchanging several emails, we started chatting on JDate’s Instant Messenger and talked about everything from the opera to the Yankees. After exchanging pleasant banter, Jordan asked me to go on a date with him the following week in University City, Philadelphia.

I had butterflies in my stomach as I walked from my apartment to the restaurant for our first date. Jordan says that as soon as he saw me walk into the restaurant, he was immediately impressed by how I was dressed, in a sundress, heels, and pearls. Over craft beer and sauvignon blanc, we really hit it off. Jordan and I had so much in common and enjoyed a similar sense of humor. Once our date was over, Jordan immediately called his best friend, Nathan, telling him he had just met someone very special.

Although we both had busy summers with me studying for the Pennsylvania and New Jersey bar exams and Jordan writing his master’s thesis, we made time to go on dates with each other at least once a week. We both looked forward to our dates with great anticipation. We enjoyed sushi dinners, jazz concerts, and art gallery events together. I even made Jordan a special Shabbat dinner, complete with brisket made from his mother’s recipe!

After receiving an invitation to spend July 4th weekend on his cousins’ yacht, Jordan asked me to join him. Nervous about the upcoming bar exams as well as the prospect of meeting Jordan’s family after only knowing him for about a month, I said I needed to think over the invitation. I called my mom to ask for her advice. My mom said, “Are you kidding? Of course you should go!” Encouraged by my mother’s enthusiasm, I said “yes” to Jordan’s invitation. That July 4th weekend was nothing less than magical. Jordan and I had an incredible time on the yacht that weekend going boating, swimming, dancing, attending parties, and taking long walks on the beach. I immediately fit into Jordan’s family. It was that weekend that we both realized we loved each other.

Following the amazing weekend on the yacht, we had to “hunker down” and complete our studies. Despite not seeing each other for two weeks, we spoke daily. The night before taking the bar exam, Jordan surprised me with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. I was totally smitten!

After I took the bar exams (both of which I passed!) and Jordan finished his thesis, we became inseparable.

On a cold winter’s morning in January 2013, I got into my car and found an envelope covered in hearts, attached to my dashboard. I opened the envelope, which contained an invitation from Jordan for a very important dinner. I was given an address and a time to arrive. I was SO excited!

It happened to snow that afternoon and it ended up taking me two hours to get home from work – a drive that normally takes 45 minutes. The anticipation was tremendous! I arrived home and got ready for an evening that was sure to be a memorable one.

The address that was written on the invitation turned out to be one of our favorite restaurants. I arrived at the restaurant after carefully walking through the snow in four-inch heels. At the restaurant, I was escorted to our table where I was joined by Jordan. We enjoyed a wonderful meal that included complimentary dishes from the restaurant’s executive chef. After the dinner, Jordan informed me that he had one more surprise for me and took me across the street to a high-end hotel. Jordan brought me into a room that he had decorated in rose petals and flowers. Jordan then knelt down on one knee and proposed. I cried tears of joy! We both called our parents to share the happy news! It was a spectacular night!

Sara and Jordan’s Advice:

We were never ones for engaging in long online conversations over weeks or months before meeting people in person. If you feel a connection or a rapport, we suggest that you meet in person for a date! Our other friends who have tried online dating have expressed frustration when, after speaking for weeks on end, they finally meet someone in person and the connection is not there. If you think something might be there, go for it and meet up!

Thank you!

Sara and Jordan
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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  1. A real fairytale romance.
    Can’t wait to dance at your wedding!

  2. I second that, Liz!! Great story and I can’t wait to toast you guys and dance the night away!

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