We got to know each other on JDate in September of 2011. After sending a few messages back and forth on JDate, we started emailing, then talking on the phone until the early hours of the morning. We felt a very strong bond developing between the two of us, like we had found our soul mate – the only reservation we had was wondering how it would be when we would finally meet in person. In the end, Doron decided (him being a gentleman and realizing my birthday was coming up) to come over and meet me for my birthday.

We were both literally crossing off the days and looking forward to meeting each other face-to-face. Although we were both very nervous, we were both thinking in the back of our heads that the long distance communication had worked out well for us! However, we wondered how it would be when we would finally meet each other in person.

I was in Athens over New Year’s Eve and flew back on the evening of January 2nd. I was quite stressed as I wanted to prepare the house before Doron would come since I had been gone for a week. However, if I knew what would happen to Doron the hours before his flight, I wouldn’t have needed to stress at all!

On the evening before Doron would fly to Zürich, he stayed with his sister in Amsterdam, so that he could easily get to the airport the next day. Doron likes to be at the airport very early so he can take his time checking in, going through passport control, etc. He left his sister’s house very early, took the train directly to the airport, and then bad luck struck. Between the last stop and the airport itself, the train got stuck and wouldn’t move! People could not get on or off, there were no toilets or air-conditioning. Doron was stuck for more than 2.5 hours on the train and missed his flight to Zürich.

Finally, the train staff moved all the passengers over to another train behind it and got everyone back to the previous station. Then Doron shared a taxi to the airport. He would not give up and was determined not to disappoint me on my birthday, so he booked the first available flight to Zürich.

Five hours later than expected, exhausted from the stress, Doron arrived in Zürich. I picked him up from the airport and sparks flew straight away! While both of us were still nervous and uncomfortable in those first few hours, Doron stayed for eight days and I think we can comfortably say, we got over those first nerves very well and the rest is history.

We noticed from the first couple of days that we have even more similarities than we thought. We share the same moral standards and passions. We generally enjoy the same things in life, have similar hobbies, and, most importantly, we are very good at compromising on those rare occasions when we do not share the same opinion.

After Doron went home, we knew we wanted to share more time together and that we couldn’t wait to be with each other again. I booked my next holiday to the Netherlands the next day, however we both had trouble being patient. So out of the blue, Doron decided to drive over to Zürich as he had a lot of outstanding overtime and many quiet days at work, making it easy for him to take time off. We spent another few days together; it was a nice surprise.

This is how things went on until sometime in March. That’s when the situation at Doron’s work changed and we decided to take a risk and live together to see if things would work out between the two of us. Despite the initial difficulties of Doron not having a job in those first few months, we can comfortably say we passed the most difficult tests and that love truly conquers all.

At the end of May, we had another big test: our first holiday together. We flew to Israel for a week (where Doron had not been for 13 years) and we passed this test as well (with flying colors)!

I knew Doron had been dreaming of visiting Rome and I wanted to surprise him for his birthday with a long-weekend trip to this city. However, this didn’t go according to plan and Doron found out beforehand about this surprise. One week before we were to fly to Rome, Doron decided it would be the perfect occasion (and location) to turn the tables around and surprise me with a proposal in Rome.

He wanted to do things the right way and wanted to ask for my dad’s permission. So, one evening after work, Doron called my parents and asked if he could come over to discuss something. My parents did not have much time though as they had plans that evening and asked him if it was ‘important.’ To which he answered, “It’s not an emergency, but it is very important.”

Doron got a bottle of my dad’s favorite drink, and a little present for my mother as well, and went over to their house with his heart in his throat. There he asked my dad for his most precious possession – his only daughter’s hand in marriage – to which Doron got my father’s full approval.

After this hurdle was passed, Doron could breathe a bit easier… until we got to Rome. He was looking for the right moment and location to propose, but every time something seemed to fail. When he finally managed to propose, I didn’t even realize what was happening and Doron had to repeat the question again! This time, I wholeheartedly said, “YES!”

The months preparing for our wedding were quite stressful. However, we just celebrated our wedding in Caesarea, Israel and it was just as we dreamt it would be. In the end, all the stress was for nothing!

Sharon and Doron
Urdorf, Switzerland

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