Dear JDate,

The summer of 2004 changed our lives forever!

Mark and I met on JDate in June of 2004. After many dates, ups and downs, failed relationships and devastating losses in our lives, we were ready to meet the right person. We both knew exactly what we were looking for in a relationship. Meeting someone Jewish was on the top of our list, and JDate seemed like a safe, comfortable and progressive way to meet someone. I was definitely skeptical of dating online, as I heard many horror stories from people using other online dating sites.  However, we were ready to take the plunge!

One evening I got an Instant Message from Mark while I was checking my JDate emails. When I looked at his profile I became very curious about him and wanted to learn more. So, we started chatting online and realized we had so much in common right away. Mark called me a few hours later and our conversation went smoothly. We decided to meet for a drink the very next day at a local restaurant.

When I saw Mark, the first thing that came to mind was how good looking he was. He had all the physical features I was looking for in a man. Quickly our evening went by and one drink turned into three! As the drinks were flowing, so was the flirting! We had so much to talk about and so much in common. We both felt very comfortable with each other right away.

After our evening ended, I remember feeling very excited and different about “this” JDate. When I got home, I sent Mark an email thanking him for a wonderful evening. Right as I was doing so, Mark called me to make sure I got home safely. I knew at that moment this would be the man I would spend the rest of my life with — ten months later, we were engaged! We got married in March of 2006 and have a beautiful boy who was born in 2007.

Thank you JDate!

Sharon and Mark
Los Angeles, California

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  1. Are you kidding me? Those two look straight out of Central Casting.

  2. We only feature REAL couples that met on JDate. Sharon and Mark ARE goregous though!

  3. I’ve been on Jdate for many many years and sadly I’ve found that you have to look like Sharon and Mark to have any kind of success on here.

  4. Warmest congratulations to Sharon and Mark.

    However, I note the absence of any success stories outside of the USA. Because there are none in all probability.

    It certainly seems to me that I am wasting my time and money here.

  5. In reply to David’s comment above that Jdate is successful ONLY in the USA….I found the man I’d waited a lifetime for on Jdate in Israel and tell everyone who will listen that my Jdate subscription fee was the best money I have EVER spent.

    I’m well aware it’s all a matter of timing and good luck – people tell me that my story is what ‘Jdate fairytales are made of’ as my man contacted me HOURS after I’d signed up and he was the very first and last Jdate I had as we both cancelled our subscriptions after our second date – but you have to buy the lottery ticket to win the jackpot.

    I realise that my story isn’t typical but I, for one, will forever be grateful that I had the opportunity to internet date.

    Go on….buy the lottery ticket….or don’t bleat about the fact that you never win.

  6. Lisa,

    Again, I offer you my warmest congratulations and best wishes.

    If you story is not typical then maybe mine is. In any event, I cannot even get seem to get replies to my e-mails (which I take both time and effort to compose).

    I would love to meet a Jewish woman but the prospects of doing so appear vanishingly small. So it is likely that I will look to ‘marry-out’. It is my second choice but it is a lot better than the third choice (staying alone).

  7. David,

    Maybe it’s because your e-mails read like they took time and effort. Dating may not be effortless, but it’s at least supposed to seem that way. Talk to some of your friends who have had successful relationships and ask them what they think about the e-mails you’ve written. It might also be something about your profile. I don’t know..but at least it’s worth checking out.

  8. Hi,

    This is the best story i have read in a long time. I enjoy reading all these success stories. Thanks for posting it. Much love.

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