This morning I awoke with my mouth wide open and limbs spread across the mattress. I was half asleep and I sensed that my husband was awake, yet I couldn’t close my mouth completely as my lips were dry and I couldn’t position my legs in a graceful manner because, well, I was just too darn comfortable. Frankly I didn’t care if he thought I looked silly, but I’m already married to him so I chose not to care.

But you’re not married yet, so you should care.

Everyone likes to cuddle, but guess what? It’s not comfortable to fall asleep that way. Even if you do doze off, you will end up on your side of the bed by morning. So what do you look like sleeping? Do you cling to the side of the mattress or do you end up in the middle of the bed pushing your mate over? Do you tuck your hands under your pillow and curl up into the fetal position or do you flail your arms and smack your partner in the face in the night? Are you a nose or a mouth breather? Do you wake up with crusty eyes and a dry mouth (if so, you should drink more water and possibly sleep with a humidifier) or are you fabulous enough to wake up with sexy bedhead hair?

There’s not much you can do about how you sleep, aside from brushing your teeth and washing your face before bed, but you can try to control your positioning with pillows and keep a glass of water and a breath mint at the side of your bed. People don’t always sleep pretty so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to wake up with a full face of makeup like the gals on TV (see: Kim Kardashian) and be reassured that your boyfriend/girlfriend is as concerned with their breath, morning wood, body odor, etc as you are.

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