Well, I understand. It’s not like everyone and their mother, literally, are online dating nowadays. (Actually, yes it is, but whatever…) YOU are still shy about telling the world that you and your special someone met on a computer screen. So, allow me to present you with 10 intriguing ways to tell people how you met Josh5181988, I mean, Josh.

  1. Waiting Tables

You were waiting tables and she was a customer. She asked you for a cheese omelet with a captivating smile. You said, “I hope you’re not going to ask for a side of bacon because I want to raise our kids kosher.”

  1. Through Jewish Geography

Your mother knew his mother from sculpture class. As they were discussing how much more relaxed and fulfilling their lives have become since their kids finally left home (after that unfortunate year or four when you lived with them again after college), they turned to the topic of their single children of marriageable age.

  1. While Getting Physical

You were windsurfing and… okay, fine, nobody’s going to believe that one. You don’t like to get your blowout wet.

  1. With a Little Jewish Humor

She was at your best friend’s college roommate’s Seder and was struck by the hilarity of your matzo-constipation joke.

  1. The Camp Connection

He was your counselor at Camp Ramah. He always wondered if you would turn out pretty or if your 11-year-old self with braces was as good as it was going to get. He Googled you and was pleasantly surprised, or at least not repelled.

  1. In a Class-y Locale

She was in your Jewish Studies class at Columbia and was impressed by your ability to barely pass with barely studying. The rest is history.

  1. Through Eastern European History

Your great grandmothers lived on the same shtetl. You met at a reunion. For shtetl great grandchildren. Yes, really.

  1. At Neurotics Anonymous

You go to the same shrink on the Upper West Side. He’s being treated for fear of flying and you for deep-seated issues related to having frizzy hair in a humid climate.

  1. Knee-to-Knee on the Metro

You noticed him on the subway because he was reading a biography of Lincoln. You thought, “God, that sounds boring.” Then you realized you had spoken it aloud. The rest is history, no pun intended.

     10.  At Church 

You guys were both lost. You noticed the lack of yarmulkes at the same moment… on second thought, you should probably just say you met on JDate.

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