In 2003, after being on JDate for about two years, and going on numerous JDates each week, (sometimes back to back in a single evening), I met the woman of my avant-garde dreams…

I, like most, did my dating in the city that I live in; that being Los Angeles. However, after several short-term local relationships, and a couple of long-term dead-end relationships, I decided to take a look overseas. Being the free spirited/adventuresome type, I wanted to see if I could fare better with finding an exotic woman. After looking in cities such as London, Madrid, and Tel Aviv and not really connecting with anyone, my curser took me to another faraway place – Paris, France. It was here that I spotted a beautiful Parisian woman (a transplant from Nice, France) whose profile picture looked elegant and approachable. Voila, Sophie appeared! 

Not only was Sophie in a city 12 hours away, but she also did not have a computer (nor did she have much knowledge of using a computer). It was her girlfriends who insisted that she register and post a picture on JDate in the first place.  As a solution, Sophie ventured over to a girlfriends house to begin her emailing campaign with me and to check messages I sent her. We later evolved to phone calls, faxes (though she did have a fax machine I did not so I had her fax her love letters to Kinkos) and more emails to profess our interest in each other. 

Well, after five months of carrying on this way, Sophie (being the courageous, tenacious woman that she is) decided that the time had come for us to meet. She booked a flight to La-La Land to meet me, even though she had never been here before. With much anxiety, we met at LAX and it was almost love at first sight! 

Fast forward six years and we are happily married, living on the Westside of Los Angeles, with a beautiful 4 year old girl named Lola (who is bi-lingual)… 

Thank you, JDate, for completely transforming our lives!

Sophie and Greg
Los Angeles, California

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  1. Wow! That’s a real love story! I see a movie in the works..:)

  2. I’m not an online date…i actually am completely oin loved with the man I’m with…just saw your commercial on tv. Judy want to that I find it amazing that people meet and end up together online. It’s unforgettable. I have an eighteen month old…best gift ever. Good luck in your future and enjoy it. 🙂

  3. This is my favorite Jdate story of all time! I’m so glad that long distance has worked for you and wish you every happiness.

  4. Hi Janie/Melanie/Hannah,

    Thank you for the comments above – Oui, it’s hard to believe that this is our story, BUT, it is! JDate does absolutely rock…


    All the best,

    Greg (and Sophie/Lola)

  5. LOVED your story! Thanks for sharing.
    I, too, am looking afar so wish me luck please.

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