Part of what I do with online dating is constantly search for trends that people find success with.

One interesting trend I noticed was a study in relation to religion. 

Being this is, religion is obviously fairly relevant.  But how many people are on JDate for religious reasons, or simply because they want to find someone with a similar cultural background?  Or even more importantly, someone whom Mommy and Daddy won’t yell at them for?!

But anyways, the interesting thing about this study is that religion seemed to show that those who were devoutly religous had the lowest rate of response.  Even more shockingly, athiests received the highest ratio of responses.

So what does this all mean?  Its tough to say not knowing the sample size or what erroneus factors come into play. 

For example, devoutly religious may receive less responses but maybe have higher success ratios.

But regardless, one thing is for sure, people do seem to pay attention to religion when looking for a partner.

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