My JDate success story is unlike any you’ve ever read before. Somewhere around 2000-2001, I had surgery and was stuck in bed for a few weeks. During that time, I discovered the JDate chat room. Up until then, I had met a couple of nice men through JDate, but not “The One.”

I wound up making lifelong friends in the chat room. I met people online from all over the world, and in my own back yard. My best friend Jacki and I met in the chat room; and I met most of my local friends there.

Over the years, two of my male friends in New York City held “chat” parties in the city. People came from all over the world! For my 50th birthday, these two wonderful guys (known then as “Boogie” and “CG”) held a party. Their event brought in about 150 people from Israel, Australia, Amsterdam, England and, of course, the USA.

I have seen many of those in my chat family meet, fall in love, get married and have babies. A number of these people have honestly become like family to me. Yes, I had a slight twinge of jealousy that I had yet to meet my guy, but was so happy for my friends! We have seen each other through the good times and the bad — and I must say had I never met Ricky, I would still be a very unique JDate Success Story. I’m sure many of my friends feel the same!

In 2011, I had really stopped actively searching for “The One,” when I got a very funny email from a smart, handsome man. Ricky had recently lost his wife of 32 years. The word “lasagna” in my profile prompted him to write to me as we both have a love of food and cooking.

Our love story progressed rapidly, and Ricky is truly my soul mate. We’ve been through a lot in the past year and a half. On September 29th, in our favorite sushi restaurant, Ricky asked me to marry him! We were torn on where to get married as Jamaica is like a second home to us. However, I also wanted to have friends and family with us, especially our children and my grandchildren.

On April 20, 2013, the two of us will get married alone on the beach in Jamaica. On May 26, 2013, my lifelong friend, Cantor Jacquie Marx from New Jersey, will fly down and officiate at our Jewish ceremony here in Boca Raton.

We will be surrounded by our family — and my JDate chat “family” as well.

TRULY happily ever after,

Suzi and Ricky
Boca Raton, Florida

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  1. your story touches my heart; only good things should come to your paths together; and, of course, mazel tov!

  2. Hello Suzi and Ricky
    What a beautiful couple. You even look a like. I want to wish you a wonderful life together. Health, happiness, love, luck and wealth.
    Let all your dreams come thru.

  3. Wow, nice article, I met Suzi at one of “those” parties but most especially online via the chat rooms where I have had similar experience, many I continue to know via Facebook and other means as they and myself moved on.

  4. YAY! A wonderful Jdate success story! So glad to have met you in the chat room years ago……and to call you my friend Suz! I can’t wait to celebrate with you and Ricky at your wedding! HUGZ and mazel tov! XO Goldey

  5. Hi Susy and Ricky:

    Mazal Tov and a great life with family and friends.
    It is always think that my soul mate is out there and I am looking for that moment.

  6. Oh SuziQ, I am so very happy for you and Ricky too!! The good ole chatroom days, gosh who knew? We love to see our own on the Jdate ‘Success Stories’ page! Mazel Tov and Love Always!! XOXOX Dee

  7. Oh SuziQ , I am so very happy for you and Ricky too!! We are so proud when one of our own makes it to the “Success Stories” page!! Mazel Tov and Love Always!! xoxox Dee

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