The nineteen blessings of the Amidah make up the core of the Jewish prayer service. The theme of the final blessing is peace. The Hebrew word for peace, shalom, is related to the Hebrew word for complete, sha’laym ‘ peace is the ultimate means to make the world whole.

Sim shalom tovah oov’rah’cha, chayn vah’chesed v’rah’cha’mim ah’lay’nu v’ahl kol Yisrael ah’meh’cha. Bar’chay’nu ah’veenu koo’lah’nu k’eh’chad b’ohr pah’neh’cha, kee v’ohr pah’neh’cha na’ta’ta lanu Ah’doh’nai Ehl’lo’hay’nu torat chayim vah’ah’vat chesed, ootz’dah’kah oov’rah’cha v’rah’cha’mim v’cha’yim v’shalom. V’tov b’ay’neh’cha l’va’raych et am’cha Yisrael b’chol ayt oov’chol sha’ah bish’loh’meh’cha. Ba’ruch Ah’tah Ah’doh’nai hahm’vah’raych et amo Yisrael ba’shalom.

Grant peace, goodness and blessing, grace, loving-kindness and compassion to us and all Israel Your people. Bless us, our Father, all as one, with the light of Your face, for by the light of Your face You have given us, Lord our God, the Torah of life and love of kindness, righteousness, blessing, compassion, life and peace. May it be good in Your eyes to bless Your people Israel at every time, in every hour, with Your peace. Blessed are You, Lord, who blesses His people Israel with peace.

–Translation reproduced with permission from The Koren Sacks Siddur,
© Koren Publishers Jerusalem Ltd.

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