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Aries, the transiting Sun is in Libra this month and I know you may be shocked, but Libra shares a lot of similarities with you. We already know that patience is not something you pride yourself in, Aries. However, your counterpart Libra does, and since it’s opposite on the zodiac wheel it means that there is actually a little of this in you! Yes, scouts honor! This month the Sun is transiting your solar 7th house of committed relationships so the focus is on your other. Themes for the month: balance, balance, and more balance. Also, Aries I know this will be a challenging one for you, but it’s about communicating the other point of view before jumping in and taking the lead. The other is actually part of you – learn from them and they will learn from you too.

Taurus, Venus (love and money) is transiting through your solar 5th house of love, romance and FUN! And to top it off, it will be conjuncting the asteroid Karma in the beginning of the month. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Hmm…what am I thinking? Right, this really is the right time to play, have fun, be creative and let loose! With the asteroid Karma involved, what is meant to be will be and what is going to happen will ultimately happen. The only thing you have to do is move out of your own way and let fate take its course. Easier said than done, but the sooner you let go…the sooner the gifts will appear.

Gemini, the beginning of the month starts off with Mercury, your ruling planet, making a conjunction to Saturn in Scorpio, and it’s in your solar 6th house of work and health. Heavvvvvy stuff for you Geminis, I know! It would be wise to use this time to discipline yourself and get better organized at work. Since Mercury (communication) is in Scorpio, look below the surface on all issues and see if you can find the lesson involved. This will help you move forward through the rest of the month and use the energy of the transiting Sun in your solar 5th house of fun and romance for the witty conversation and funny antics that you so desire! It’s time for both of you to get on the same page!

Cancer, transiting Ceres (in short, it’s an asteroid that involves nurturing) just changed signs and moved into Cancer which happens to be your solar 1st house of self. We know you are so good at taking care of others and making sure they are nurtured and provided for. However, this is the time to really focus on how you are nurturing yourself. Like attracts like, and we know that if you are acting moody and irritable (nothing personal!), then chances are you are not putting yourself first and taking care of yourself.  Like the oxygen mask on a plane, it’s important to place it on yourself first so that you are available and able to help others. Keep this in mind this month; it will help everyone in the long run.

Leo, Transiting Mars is in your solar 5th house of FUN, romance and play! Also, did I mention this is the house of children and creativity? Good news is there is an extra dose of energy when Mars meets up with transiting Juno around October 20th. Not to be a Jewish mother…but…Juno is the marriage asteroid and Mars, well…makes things happen! So, since 1 + 1 = 2…I think you know where I’m going with this…happy trails, to you…Mazel Tov!

Virgo, with Venus (love and money) transiting through your solar 1st house of self AND the Sun transiting through your solar 2nd house of money, it’s a pretty sure sign that this month could be the time to get your finances back on track. More good news, on October 5th Saturn will be moving out of your solar 2nd house, where it has been since 2009, and moving into your solar 3rd house of communication. While Saturn was in your solar 2nd house, it was asking you to define what you value. This might have taken a hit on your finances for a while, but now that it’s moving forward you will be getting a fresh start on the way you handle money. Let it come in and let it flow. Energy is not static and once you understand the rhythm, money will flow more readily.

Happy birthday, Libra! There is a BIG and I mean BIG gift for you this month. Saturn (planet of restriction and discipline) moves out of your sign and into Scorpio on October 5th. Since it was in your solar 1st house of self for several years, a weight will be lifted very soon! Now, with it moving into your solar 2nd house of self worth, money, and possessions, it’s time to redefine how you see yourself from the inside out. Scorpio energy is all about going deep and looking within. By the time Saturn ends its journey through your solar 2nd house (in 2015), you will be a whole new person and know just what you deserve and what you stand for. Exciting times! It starts now though, so look deep within and ask yourself, what do I value most?

Scorpio, this is a big month for you because Saturn (planet of discipline) will be entering your sign on October 5 where it will stay until 2015. Yup! Since Saturn will be transiting through your solar 1st house of self and will be doing so for a long, long time, this gives you plennnnnty of time to do some work on the hidden or shadow aspects of yourself.  We all will be doing this as a collective; however the emphasis is on digging up the not-so-great parts of yourself and integrating them into a newer, more balanced self. Yup, all this to feel whole and complete! It’s about transformation Scorpio and I know that’s your middle name.

Sagittarius, Jupiter, which is your ruling planet, goes retrograde (aka “backwards) on October 4. This means the planet’s energy shifts inward. Use this as a time to evaluate your spiritual side. Are you being honest with yourself? As Jupiter is also about karmic rewards from past lives, while it goes retrograde, if someone or something comes into your life at this time, it is incredibly karmic and could be the result of a positive action you did in…you know…your last past life. The Universe works on the law of cause and effect, balancing, if you will…so it’s never too late to start fresh and balance the scales for today, tomorrow, and yes possibly even the next life. PS- you’ll thank me later. Have faith…that’s what you stand for Sagittarius!

Capricorn, your ruling planet, Saturn, will be moving out of Libra and into Scorpio on October 5th, which is in your solar 11th house of group activities and friendships. It will be here until 2015 and while it slowly makes it way through Scorpio you will be asked to focus more closely on your long-terms goals. The 11th house is also the house of the collective. How we work together in groups to achieve our goals. This is the time to make sure you are working together as a team and not just focusing on how something can benefit you. We always do better when we help others and that’s what this long-term transit is all about. When you focus on the group and help others you will in effect be transforming your life and your future goals…in a good way, that is! Let’s get going Capricorn!

Aquarius, your ruling planet, Uranus, is in your solar 3rd house of communication and thought. It’s a slow-moving planet and has and will be there for a while. I want to bring this up because it’s important to know that Uranus likes to shake things up and it’s doing so with the way you think. Things need to change. You may have sudden flashes of insight. If you do, listen to your gut. Trust the information that you get. When we receive messages that come to us quickly, and out of the blue, it’s usually an important message that needs to come through. Our egos are great at blocking this out on a daily basis. So from now until…forever (whoa!), it’s time to really listen to your gut and remove the old patterns of thinking that are no longer serving your highest good.

Pisces, October starts off with Venus (love and money) conjuncting the asteroid karma in Virgo, which is your solar 7th house of one to one relationships. I can already sense your beautiful Pisces imagination running wild with this one! It’s OK, this could be a good time for you. Ask yourself what do you value and what do you want in a love relationship. Does your current flame have the same values that you do? If the answer is yes, then you may pass go and please collect $200 (score!). If the answer is no, then take the time to assess what you need and the Universe will draw that energy to you.

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