Is it just me or is there just something about that warm whether that rejuvenates every positive aspect of your life?

As the sun begins to shine again, and the rays hit my body, I feel a new life being thrown into me.  Every year I encounter this same fantastic rejuvenation of mind and spirit.

Suddenly work doesn’t seem so bad anymore.  The hours don’t seem so long.  And I really don’t mind all that much doing little errands, cleaning my house, or writing blogs as I sit typing outside for the first time in months!

And what better time to take advantage of these great feelings than by riding the emotional highs through our dating life.  If there is ever a better time to date, where people are in better moods, and opportunity is fully available, spring and summer is the time.

Take advantage of this time of year.  Odds are your date will be in a great state of mind for an online pick up!

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