To Everything There is a Season...

It happens every year when the first cool wind blows through the air right after Labor Day, and just like that, our attention turns to fashion, football and must-see TV. As the nights get colder (and the clothing gets comfier and cozier), it becomes increasingly easy to put your love life on hold until the next sign of spring.

Don’t let the weather fool you though; the month beginning with Rosh Hashanah right through the end of Sukkot is prime time for Jewish singles online. Unlike most matchmaking sites (whose spikes tend to occur on the first of the New Year, just before Valentine’s Day and in the spring), the days leading up to and just after the High Holidays are a time of frantic activity on sites like This is when old members return, new candidates subscribe and the site’s overall popularity seems to soar!

If you have grown weary, weak or worn out from the online dating scene, I urge you not to give up just yet. Here are four reasons why:

1.      It’s a Time for Resolutions: We ask for forgiveness and pray to be blessed, but Rosh Hashanah is also a time when we vow to make personal changes that will help us lead happier lives. Finding a soul mate is always at the top of the New Year’s resolutions for Jewish singles, which makes this a window of opportunity that should not be missed.

2.      It’s the Season for Fresh Beginnings: If you survive the fasting and repenting, you make it into the Book of Life. That means you get to work with a new, clean slate for dating. Instead of fixating on the dating disasters of yesterday, it’s a chance to channel your energy into finding that truly special someone for you.

3.      A Timely Reminder to Embrace Your Community:  Who knew that dipping apples into honey is symbolic of the sweetness that can be found within our own community? Remember this message throughout your quest for love because you never know who you can meet at shul, on JDate or at the next shabbos dinner.

4.      It’s a Time When Many Heed the Advice of Meddling Mothers: Keep in mind that in between bites of kreplach and gefilte fish, Jewish mothers everywhere will be dishing out the guilt, which is why online dating profiles will be fruitful and in abundance right after the holidays!

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